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Edwin Gamble
Connie Hayes
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Dahlov Ipcar
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Maine Art Museum Calendar provides an online marketplace for both new and established collectors to buy and sell fine art by artists with a connection to Maine.   Most of our works are from private collections, but we also have a select group of artists who sell through us directly.   You can navigate around the website by clicking on an artist's name on the left hand side of each page and by using the various hypertext links. 



Featured Artists



Tom Crotty 



Sadly, Tom passed away on August 22, 2015.  Following his major retrospective at the Portland Museum of Art in 2003-2004, Tom Crotty's paintings skyrocketed in popularity.  Maine Art is extremely pleased to be able to offer a number of Tom's major works for sale, including several from the PMA exhibition. Click here to see the works we have for sale.





Eric Hopkins


We just received several of Eric's paintings from 2 private collections. Click here to view these new additions.  We are also now showing several of Eric's paintings on digital prints.  Click here to view these paintings.






William Manning


Six of Bill's paintings were just added to the permanent collection of the Ogunquit Museum of American Art.  The Farnsworth Art Museum exhibited 4 standing paintings by legendary modernist William Manning as part of its 3-D: Contemporary Works from the Farnsworth show.  To see a sample of some additional 3-D works from throughout Bill's career that we have for sale please click here and for some comments by art critic Phil Isaacson, please click here.






Add important works to your collection from ours.  Our collectors have over a thousand paintings in their collections. So if you do not see exactly what you are looking for, we will be pleased to try to help you find it!  Just let us know


If you are within a 1 hour drive of Portland, Maine, we will personally bring your selection to you so that you may see the painting in your space.  If you are "from away" we will be happy to arrange a convenient way for you to view the work.




Let the power of the internet bring your paintings to buyers' attention 24/7 worldwide.  You can continue to enjoy them in your home or office while they are for sale here. Whether you have one painting you would like to sell or an entire collection, we would be pleased to help.  We also have experience in cataloging and valuing art collectors' estates.  Please let us know if we can be of assistance to you or visit our Resale page for more information and a list of artists we are seeking.


Collectors Gallery


We are starting to add images and information about works that are not for sale.  This will provide collectors an opportunity to see works that are not otherwise available to the public and ultimately to see the breadth and depth of an artist's work over his or her career.  We welcome your contributions to this endeavor!   Visit the Collectors Gallery to view these additional works. 


    New works for sale


         Joel Babb


          Philip Barter


         Alfred Chadbourn


         Tom Crotty


         Lynne Drexler


         Dahlov Ipcar


         Alec Richardson


         Phil Schirmer


         Neil Welliver


         John Whalley


If you would like us to tell you when new works become available for sale, please contact us


This month's featured work


               Dahlov Ipcar                  




  "Dawn in the Jungle "