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Greg Parker
Am. b. 1952 

A native of Island Falls, Maine and a well-known abstract artist, Greg is represented in galleries and collections worldwide. Noted art critic, Philip Isaacson, in his review of a recent show commented that Greg "is a master of geometric abstraction." (Maine Sunday Telegram November 13, 2011)  For more information about Greg and these works, click here. To view an interview with Greg produced by filmmaker David McDonald, click here.




Shelter: Silence and Alchemy

48 x 48 in.

Oil and graphite on gessoed paper on panel

created 1995




Miller Block Gallery

a Boston area collector


Price: Please inquire














11 x 20 in.

Graphite on paper

signed "Parker" verso

created 1997




Estate of a Portland, Maine collector








2000 152

15 x 15 x 2.25 in.

Oil, pigment and graphite on gesso panel

signed "Parker" verso




Estate of a Portland, Maine collector




This work was restored by the artist in 2007 as noted verso and signed "Parker".  The surface of each 2.25 in. side is painted, and the inscribed lines visible on the enlarged image are the work of the artist.


better image to come






larger image 







larger image