Am. b.1962

Michael Zigmond's painting. "Classroom" is a wonderful example of his fascination with the "shapes, forms, and hues created when intense light interacts with familiar objects or surroundings.  Abstractions of light and shadow vie for attention with more tangible and recognizable elements, making the comfortable and ordinary seem very 'real' yet disquietingly transient."


As he says in his artist's statement, "my work is the product of a combination of direct observation, photo-reference, memory and imagination.  What truly fascinates me is light.  The inherent qualities of oil paint are perfectly suited to its reproduction.  If my work tends toward a high degree of realism, it’s merely a byproduct of trying to literally “shed light on something”.  

"[Pure light] allowed me to explore abstraction and realism simultaneously.  So I painted pure sunlight, at first streaming into my apartment, creating arbitrary geometric forms that I could render within a very naturalistic framework.  I loved the play of representation versus abstraction within the same painting, for it allowed me a foot in both art historical camps."  

Born and educated in Ohio, Michael Zigmond is well known for his hyper-real depictions of light and shadow.  A frequent visitor to Maine, his works are shown in galleries across the United States and are in numerous private and corporate collections.

If you like Maine artist, Mark Wethli's paintings of light and shadow, you will love Michael Zigmond's oil painting, Classroom.



30 x 49 in. Oil on canvas signed "M. Zigmond" l.r. Provenance a Southern Maine collector Price on request

Two Calla Lilies

Two Calla Lilies

2005 30 x 22 in. Oil on linen signed "M. Zigmond" l.r. Provenance Mast Cove Gallery a Portland, Maine collector No longer available

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