Am. 1921-1998

This page contains a mini-retrospective of Alfred Chadbourn's paintings and drawings that are in private collections.  We hope that these images will help you gain a better understanding of the evolution of his work from France to California to Connecticut to Maine.  If you own any paintings by Chip and would like to share an image here, please let us know.

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Birds, a 14 x 44 inch oil on canvas that was exhibited in Galerie R, Creuze when Chip was in Paris in the early 1950's.

Still Life, a 13 x 22 inch oil on canvas also from Chip's time in Paris in the 1950's.

Mykonos Greece, a 1959, 9.5 x 11 inch graphite drawing.

Fish Beach Monhegan, a 1962, 14 x 11 inch charcoal and graphite pencil sketch.

Spanish Market, a 36 x 36 inch 1980 oil on canvas

Flowers and Fruit, Lower Manhattan, a 36 x 36 inch 1985 oil on canvas, was the subject of a multi-page section of Chadbourn's book, Painting with a Fresh Eye.

White House Stonington, a 12 x 12 inch 1989 oil on canvas.  Stonington was one of Alfred Chadbourn's favorite subjects for his paintings.

Moules a la Crème was the feature work for Frost Gully Gallery's October, 1996 exhibition in honor of Chip's 75th birthday.


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