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  • Can I consign the paintings I own to you?
    Yes. Send an email to with a photo of the painting along with its title, the artist, the dimensions, any condition issues and any other information you think is appropriate to us. We will let you know if we are interested in accepting the consignment and on what terms.
  • How much do you charge to sell a painting (or other work of art)?
    We charge 10% of the purchase price with a minimum of $200 per painting.
  • Do you sell works of art by artists other than ones with a connection to Maine?
    No. We focus solely on artists with a connection to Maine.
  • Do you buy paintings in addition to having them consigned for sale?
    Sometimes. In certain circumstances we may offer to buy a painting from you instead of offerring to sell it as a consignment. We would discuss and agree on the terms of the purchase.
  • Do you have an actual art gallery?
    No, we do not have a traditional "bricks and mortar" gallery. Everything is done via the website. In you are in Maine, however, we can try to arrange to show you paintings in person at mutally convenient times and places.
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