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Chris Huntington

Chris Huntington has been painting en plein air for more than 50 years, starting in the U.S. and then in Canada.  Chris was born in Gloucester, Massachusetts, and moved to coastal Maine shortly thereafter.  He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and began his career as a landscape painter.  In 1963 he was hired as the first curator of the Colby College Art Museum in Waterville, Maine, which exposed him to inland Maine. 

Huntington painted on Monhegan Island in the 1960s and on Matinicus in 1973-4.  His seascapes were inspired by George Bellows.  Chris became exposed to Bellows work at the Columbus (Ohio) Art Museum. 

Starting in the 1990s, Huntington returned to Maine’s interior around Mt. Katahdin and Shin Pond.  In 1997 Chris and his wife bought a 100-year-old schoolhouse in the Patten area, overlooking the entire Katahdin Range. 


Finally, in September of 2003 Chris returned to Corea, Maine, where he had spent two summers 40 years before.  He returned to Corea each September for three weeks until 2008.   

As can be seen from the following quotations, Chris’ gallery exhibitions received critical acclaim.  In 1989, Edgar Allen Beem wrote in The Maine Times:  “After 15 years of self-exile in Nova Scotia, his one-artist gallery show in Portland places Huntington among the finest landscape painters of the last quarter century.  The work is there to be seen and not to be denied.  How to say it?  These paintings look RIGHT.  Anyone, whether artist or audience, who responds to deft, sensuous paint handling will love Huntington.”   Ken Greenleaf, in the Maine Sunday Telegram, September 13, 1992, wrote:  “These paintings are a virtuoso performance.  Huntington has become one of the strongest landscape painters I know of.  He has found ways to produce original work in a field that is so crowded that it would seem impossible that new work could be done.  His voice has become clear and individual and the work he is making would hold its own in the company of any made anywhere.”

Chris’ work is included in several museums including the Portland Museum of Art and the Farnsworth Art Museum.

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Shin Brook Fall

Shin Brook Fall

"The First Tier Shin Brook Fall" 30 x 40 in. Oil on linen Signed "CH" l.r. and signed and dated verso - April 18 and May 4 2000 Chris Huntington Provenance The artist a No. Carolina collector Price: Please inquire

Midday Shadows

Midday Shadows

"Midday Shadows from Staceyville" 22 x 16 in. Oil on canvas Signed "CH" l.r. Feb. 5, 1994 Provenance The artist a No. Carolina collector Price: Please inquire

Sea Swell

Sea Swell

"Sea Swell and Rain - Monhegan" 20 x 24 in. Oil on panel Signed "Huntington" l.r. Nov. 1970 There is a separate partial seascape verso along with the artist's annotation, "Painted in Pouring Rain." Provenance The artist a No. Carolina collector Price: Please inquire

Below Whitehead

Below Whitehead

20 x 24 in. Oil on board Signed "CH" l.r. 1969 Provenance The artist a No. Carolina collector Price: Please inquire

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