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Review of bates college dahlov ipcar exhibition

I recently had the opportunity to view the Dahlov Ipcar exhibition at the Bates College Museum of Art. It is an absolutely wonderful exhibition. Whether you are already a fan of Dahlov Ipcar's work and are looking for an opportunity to view more of her work in depth or whether you are not familiar with her work and are looking for an introduction, this is a "must see" for you. Many of the paintings and other works are from private collections (including many from family members), and may not be available for future public viewings for a long while. For a more comprehensive review of this excellent show take a look at the Lewiston Sun Journal's review.

Since I was in Lewiston around lunchtime, I went to Fishbones restaurant for lunch. I had heard good things about this restaurant, but had never been there before. I had an excellent meal (delicious crab cakes sandwich) in a nice setting (restored mill) with prompt, pleasant service. If you go to the Ipcar exhibition at Bates, try to plan it so that you can have lunch, dinner or cocktails at Fishbones; you won't be disappointed.

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